16. September 2019

Carpegen Perio Diagnostics convinces in clinical trials

Carpegen Perio Diagnostics determines periodontitis-causing bacteria in dental samples. Independent comparative tests confirm the extensively validated test for marker bacteria as the qualitative market leader.

For example, Carpegen's real-time PCR in 2015 showed the highest pathogen detection rate, sensitivity and reliability in a study by Untch & Schlagenhauf (PubMed PMID: 25680706). In this study the test kits of the three market leaders of periodontal pathogen diagnostics were tested and compared with each other.

Another study by Santigli et al. (2016) indicates that commercial tests perform in a superior way and provide more accurate results than university methods (PubMed PMID: 27020914). In particular, when using commercial tests, fewer false-positive signals - and even none using Carpegen Perio Diagnostics - occurred in this study if plaque samples did not contain pathogenic bacteria.