Environmental Analytics (Project AnDiPOC)

Portable module for enrichment and life/death differentiation of bacteria for the point-of-care testing of water samples

The joint project AnDiPOC focuses on the development of a portable module for decentralized molecular testing of water contaminants (e.g. Legionella spec.) in natural and industrial water samples.

The innovative system combines an automated enrichment of bacterial cells with a molecular life/death differentiation and identification.

The system overcomes the current limitations in water analytics concerning analysis time (up to 10 days by cultivation) and false-negative results because of VBNC bacteria (viable but non-culturable).

The molecular analysis and life/death discrimination allows for a very fast (< 1 hour) and reliable detection of potentially pathogenic bacteria, simultaneously excluding false-positive results by detection of dead cells.

This enables immediate action for an efficient protection against infections by potentially hazardous water pathogens.

The joint project (2016-2019) was funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (ZIM program).


  • Carpegen GmbH
  • Mikrobiologisches Labor Dr. Michael Lohmeyer GmbH
  • Institut for Hygiene, University Hospital Münster