Real-Time-PCR Analytics

Carpegen has a strong expertise in developing and validating customized real-time PCR assays. We guarantee a perfect handling of your projects and, as a result, validated testing systems meeting highest quality demands and ideally suited for the intended purposes.

As a highly sensitive molecular technology, a carefully validated real-time PCR assay provides high specificity and sensitivity, as well as the potential to quantify the respective target.
While the detection of infectious agents or food contaminants are typical applications, the detection of animal-specific nucleic acids, e.g. in food products, is just as well possible.

The real-time PCR technique is especially useful for examining drug and medical product effectiveness, e.g. the effect of a drug on a certain panel of pathogens, or the correlation to a specific gene expression. Generally, real-time PCR is superior to conventional cultivation techniques concerning sensitivity and specificity, particularly with regard to infectious agents which are difficult to cultivate (e.g. anaerobic or fastidious bacteria, slowly growing fungal pathogens, viruses).

Where required, the processing of your sampling material is also included in our assay development. Carpegen is extensively experienced in the extraction of nucleic acids from complex and unusual samples.


Carpegen´s customized testing systems have already been successfully applied in:

  • pharma/dental industry
  • biotechnology
  • forensics
  • chemical industry
  • clinical studies

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