Sampling and Shipping

The Carpegen® Perio Diagnostics sampling kit contains 5 sterile paper tips for one-time use to remove subgingival plaque samples, as well as sample shipping material.

Since the indicator species to be determined are obligate or facultative anaerobes, samples should be taken from the deepest pockets.

Due to the high sensitivity of Carpegen® Perio Diagnostics, slightly bleeding or pus-containing pockets are no contraindication to sampling. However, sampling from very heavily bleeding pockets should be avoided. Samples should be taken after initial treatment. Prior to sampling, the supragingival area should be cleaned in order to reduce the presence of non-specific organisms.

Take subgingival plaque samples from periodontal or peri-implant pockets using up to 5 paper tips (e.g. from one pocket, or a samples each from the deepest pocket in every quadrant) and deposit the tips into the provided sample vial. Depending on the number of paper tips, you will receive precise analysis results for a single test location (single-site sample) or precise combined analysis results for several locations (pooled sample). The paper tips containing subgingival plaque samples are shipped to Carpegen in the sample vial provided using original packaging from Carpegen® Perio Diagnostics.

You will receive Carpegen® Perio Diagnostics test results, as well as personal therapy recommendations based on the results, within a few days after receipt of the sample by the analysis laboratory.