Carpegen was founded in 2001. Since then, we have focused on the development of innovative molecular biology assay systems, for example for infection and dental diagnostics.

Carpegen has won several innovation awards for its business idea, including the IDEE Förderpreis of Hamburg entrepreneur Albert Darboven in 2001 and a nomination to the 2002 German Company Founder Prize (Deutscher Gründerpreis) as part of the StartUp competition.

In 2003, Carpegen developed an innovative diagnostic test procedure, based on real-time PCR, for the sensitive and quantitative detection of periodontal pathogens. From 2003 until 2009, this assay system was sold under an agreement with GABA International AG under the trade name meridol® Diagnostics. Since 2010, this diagnostic product has been available under the Carpegen® Perio Diagnostis brand and is marketed by Carpegen throughout Europe.

In 2007, we were awarded the Innovation Prize Münsterland (Innovationspreis Münsterland) for the development of novel DNA chips, and in 2008, we reached the final round of the Innovation Prize of German Industry (Innovationspreis der Deutschen Wirtschaft).

Co-founder Yvonne Schoepe (COO)

Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Carpegen has developed from 2007 to 2015 a proprietary point-of-care diagnostic system for nucleic acid analysis. In December 2016, the Gyronimo platform was sold to diagnostic specialist Curetis GmbH, Holzgerlingen. The worldwide rights for dental diagnostics, as well as environmental and food safety testing were retained by Carpegen.

Currently, we are conducting several development projects in addition to our medical diagnostic business, which receive funding support from government programs.